Fair and Square

At fair and square we make Computer Aided Negotiation tools for online dispute resolution.

Negotiations over personal effects after a separation or after someone has passed away can be fraught and time consuming. Fair and square facilitates a process that gives each person as much as possible.

This process speeds up these negotiations in a way that is easily understood, transparent and fair.

Shared Property Division Tool

The Fair and Square division tool allows couples to divide assets in the event that they breakup.

The stages in the process involve taking in:

  1. the peoples names
  2. the items to be divided up.
  3. how much each person wants each item. Each person has 100 total points they can share between all of the items

Based on this information fair and square calculates an allocation of items. This allocation is the one that gives each person as much as possible.

Try out our shared property division tool to see our method of fair division in action.